About me

Design philosophy


I specialise in designing creative websites with strong emphasis on usability, accessibility, legacy- and cross-browser and machine (screen readers, etc.) compatibility, and I also optimize them, for speed and performance, and also for search engines so you can be found quickly — which is important if your site is affiliated with or in support of a business. Lastly, but still of great importance, I make sites with design in mind at all times. My sites must look great while meeting all of the other self-imposed standards I subscribe to. Standards-compliance and accessibility do not mean boring.

Not all designs and features will work with all websites. There are many factors to consider;
the current design work done on your site, the hosting provider for your site, design and program limitations, etc. Because of these factors, it may be impossible to add a certain feature or aspect to your site or it may compromise the functionality of your site. I will do my best to work around problems such as this, but unfortunately, not all problems can be solved, in which case I will be honest with you about what will and what will not work for your site.


The foundation of any successful website is good planning; this phase involves information gathering, site objectives, information architecture, client & user requirements and wireframes for websites.


The design or ‘look & feel’ is created keeping in-line with the information from the planning process to create a design that is usable, looks great and works for you and your users.


I develop Websites using XHTML & PHP for mark-up, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interaction and MySQL for data storage.


It’s no use having a beautiful, usable website that works if no-one can find it. Using SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing your web site will be in the spotlight.

When I’m not working...

I live in a rural location in western Victoria with my husband two dogs and two cats.

I enjoy spending time with friends, playing Chef, fishing & browsing websites.
I have a passion for technology, new gadgetry & inspiring design work.

...If you require a quote do not hesitate to contact me.....